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he3d-i3 prusa i3 3d priner kit with LCD

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Products Description:

Model: he3d - i3

Selling forms: KIT  (Assemble it by yourselves!)

1,Frameead screw(   Stainless steel material)
     Structure:Acrylic sheet(Black or transparent)
2,Print Size:200*200*180mm(Max),
3,Layer thickness:0.1-0.4mm
4,SD Card off-line printing:Support
      LCD screen:There are  12864
5,XY axis positioning accuracy:0.0125mm,
6,Z axis positioning accuracy:0.004mm
7,Nozlle diameter:0.4mm(standard configuration) (You can choose   0.5)
8,Nozlle temperature:260oC (Max),
9,Platform temperature:120oC (adjustable)(MK3 )3 mm aluminum alloy heat the bed)
10,Platform material:aluminium plate
       Printing material:ABS,PLA

11,Material diameter:1.75mm
12,File format:STL,G-code,
13,Machine dimension:420(L)*455(W)* 380mm(H)
14,Package dimension:,460*500*300mm,
15,Power supply:DC 24V 400W Voltage input: vc110v - 220 - v
17,Host computer software:Repetier-Host
        Software language:English

18,Control panel:RAMPS 1.4

20,CD assembly manual and video tutorials
21,100 grams of printed materials PLA

Product note:

1.this is custom product.

2.Need customers welding and assembly

3.If return the products,we can not sale it again.

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