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Need A Help!

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I start A project of control servo motor through AI2And I need to control 6 servo motor
I use a bluetooth to connect the server motor controller and arduino
And I need to send it a commend to arduino and send to servo controller
Here is the command:  #12500T1000\r\n    [#1 : servo motor , 2500: the angle of the servo motor , T1000:The time of this command run , \r\n:Just the finish code of the command]
And Here is the question:
I use a slider in AL2 And i need to send the silder reading to arduino and arduino output command to servo controller
like 2500 500 1200
Then the command become This:
#1"2500"T1000\r\n  "2500"stand for the reader of slider , That mean "2500"become varible!

But how can I make&send this command to arduino?
Please Help Me!

P.S AL2 stand for app inventor 2
"Sorry for pour english :P"
發表於 2014-9-23 23:21:31 | 顯示全部樓層
回復 1# gunonlinn

   what is your server motor controller max and min value to each servo motor?example :500 ~ 2500,
you just need set slider between 50 ~ 250,
at arduino code got the value to * 10,
that is ok,
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