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Do you like DIY 3d printer?ET-I5 kits,aluminum frame,prusa i3 upgrade,come on!

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2015 newest and Aluminum frame  3d printer  with 1 roll of fliament free given
Just wanna offer the best price for customer !  Come on!  Everyone !

Notes: 1 Roll ABS or 1 PLA filament Color

Please contact our TradeManager,Our after-sale service department working 24/7 Hours.

Specification :
                  1.Frame: Threaded rod( parts and components)
                  2.Structure:Aluminum sheet
                  3.Print Size:200*260*180mm(Max)
                  4.Layer thickness:0.1-0.4mm
                  5.LCD screen: Yes (Support  )  
                  6.XY axis positioning accuracy:0.012mm
                  7.Z axis positioning accuracy:0.004mm
                  8.Nozlle diameter:0.4mm(standard configuration)
                  9.Nozlle temperature:170-275
                  10.Platform temperature:110oC (adjustable)
                  11.Platform material:aluminium plate
                  12.Printing material:PLA, ABS, HIPS
                  13.Material diameter:1.75mm
                  14.Software language:English
                  15.File format:STL,G-code
                  16.Machine dimension:430*405*370mm
                  17.Package dimension:490*490*25mm
                  18.Power supply:DC 12V
                  20.Host computer software:Repetier-Host , Cura
                  21.Environmental requirement:Temp: -5 - 40c,Humidity:20-70%
Professional 3D Printing
3D printer Stock available now!
                  Redesigned model inside and out, engineered to provide continuous dimensionally accurate 3D printer
                  Best-in-class desktop 3D Printer and easiest to use      
                  Improved 3D print spooling speed
3D printer Other Features:
                  Fully assembled, ready to print
                  12 Months Warranty
                  Great reputation for quality of machine and output
                  Support material removed easily
                  USB connectivity
                  Print in 1.75mm ABS or PLA filaments
Included 3D Printing Software:
                  Free layout and printing software
                  Supported File Types: STL , G-Code
                  Print Preview with material usage and time estimates, allows you to cost prototypes before manufacturing.
                  Automatic layout
                  Repeat last print
                  Rotate, Resize, Scale, Move 3D object
                  Select layer thickness 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm
                  Select print speed vs. quality
                  Variable solid thickness of models with honeycomb fill.
                  Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, MAC

3D printer more Photo and detail as below :

COMPANY: Shenzhen YiteTechnology Co. Ltd

PRODUCTS:ET- I5(all kits)

ADDRESS: 208 Room A2 BuildingZhongYuGuan Industry Park LongHua New District Shenzhen City Guanggong ProvinceP.R China.518131   

CONTACT HOTLINE:18565876617 sven



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