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He 3D - The Complete Open Source Delta 3D Printer Kit

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Products Description:

Technical parameters:
1, the printing technology: the accumulation of fused deposition molding (FDM)
2, physical structure, parallel arm (delta)
3, overall dimensions: height:600 mm  width:320 mm   length:320 mm 4, the total weight: 10 kg (including packaging)
4, external frame: imported aluminum, steel (laser precision cutting)
5, extruder:remotely and  high-speed extrusion machine
6, the print head material: copper, aluminum, polyether ether ketone material forming
7, nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm (18, J - head hotend)
8, nozzle number: single nozzle
9, and the data format: STL
10, software: Repetier host
11, print range: 160 mm diameter     hight  230 mm
12, power input: AC110-220 - v
13, the power supply output: DC 12 v 7 a
14,print plate: high borosilicate glass    180 mm in diameter
15, synchronous belt wheel / 16 teeth, belt GT2
16, equipped with LCD screen

The performance parameters
1, print thickness of 0.05 mm to 4 mm
2, mechanical precision is 0.0125mm
3, the operating system, Windows/Mac/Linux
4, high-speed USB device interface or SD card
Shipping list:
1, 3 d DLT - 180 delta printer (the kit)
2, the power supply 1 (12 v 7 a)
3,USB cable 1
4, print the test material to 100 grams

Good News! the 3d printer diy kit Lower the price, even HE3D assembly complete 3 d printers also Lower the price, than the wholesale price is lower, this is a limited-time sales promotion, if you need a printer, please contact me, if you say: hello jojo! When you order, I will give you free high temperature tape or filament as a gift.thanks.

If you need to buy the machine, please click the link below

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