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3D Printer kit Huxley Reprap

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Products Description:[size=13.333333969116211px]

Attention: This product is kit package ,need assemble .Thanks .

3d printer Motherboard: melzi main chip 1284 p

3d printer stepper motor A4982 chip

Output power: 24 v input  AC110-220 - v

Print the most large area: 140 x140x110mm

Physical size: 260 x280x280mm

Printing material: ABS, PLA, 1.75 mm in diameter.

Building surface: PCB heating bed, aluminum mesa, in order to reduce the complexity of the assembly, to ensure parts deformation.

nozzle diameter:0.4mm (if you need 0.5mm, please left a message for us)

Precision standard: 0.1 mm

Resolution: 0.0125 mm

Construction speed: 1800 mm/min

Move speed: 1.2 mm/minute

Operation systerm support: Linux  Mac  windows7 or later   XP
Printing software: Repetier Host or Pronterface

Deposition rate: 33 cm/hour

Movement: X and Y and Z axis low friction bushing, X, Y is linear bearing. All welded electronics and built-in microSD card slot for independent printing. Enhanced set, improve the X and Y shaft assembly is convenient Ultra-low print noise, let you print more quiet!

Contain all parts for assembly .

1, 1 pack hardware fittings

2, 5 NEMA14 stepper motors

3, heating bed 1 set of components

4, extrusion units 1 set

5, RP plastic parts 1 bag(total 42 piece. 2 metal coupling)

6, power supplier 1

7, 1 piece motherboard

Besides, we will give you 100g ABS , a set of special little tools and 1m high temperature tap as gifts . Thanks .

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